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Amazing webmail front-end for your network
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AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP AfterLogic WebMail Pro PHP
Current version: 7.2.1
Last update: 26 Feb 2014


Still offering your users one of that ordinary webmails (like Squirrelmail, Rouncube or IMP) every other provider does? Stand out of the crowd with something new!

What's so special?

  • It's hot!

    Looks like it's really made in 2013, not back in 90's. Eye-catching, clean, CSS-animated, with mail threading, tuned for both computers and finger-input tablets.

  • Faster than any other webmail

    With a unique pre-caching technology, the webmail experience provides responsiveness similar to desktop email clients. When you browse through the list of email messages, even those messages which have not been seen before still appear instantly!

  • Has personal calendar

    Recurring events, reminders, private and public calendars, all stay in sync with your iPhone or iPad.

  • Supports multiple IMAP accounts

    The user can easily switch between several accounts without logging out and logging in each account separately.

  • Supports iOS mobile sync

    Thanks to the support of CalDAV/CardDAV, now you can provide your users with iOS mobile features. Any other CalDAV and CardDAV clients for mobiles and desktops will work too.

    The iOS mobile sync also supports profiles so it can deliver all sync settings to iPhone or iPad automatically. Your users won't have to deal with all that hard-to-explain DAV and IMAP settings to make their email, calendar and contacts stay in sync. Just log in WebMail Pro from your iOS device to see!

  • Lets users change account password right in the webmail

    * Via custom plugin. If your system supports POPPASSD, such plugin is already available.

  • Everybody likes it! :-)

Server side of things

Designed to work with your existing messaging solutions, this purely PHP application is easy to install on your own server, easy to integrate and easy to maintain.

Works with your e-mail server

  • Linux: Exim, Postfix, Courier, Dovecot, Sendmail, Qmail, and many others.
  • Windows: Microsoft Exchange, MailEnable, IceWarp, MDaemon, hMailServer, and many others.

Works with your control panel

Has features beyond IMAP

Mail filters via ManageSieve, change account password (POPPASSD or user-defined).

Can co-exist with the legacy webmail packages if you still need them ( for some odd reason :) ).

Fits Hosting and Telecom requirements

WebMail Pro system architecture is compatible with high availability cluster implementations. The software is optimized to work under heavy loads and to support large numbers of mailboxes.

Works in a cluster! WebMail Pro can be used in cluster environments to maximize performance and system availability. Existing large cluster implementations scale to millions of users.

Natively supports cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

cpanel It's easy to integrate WebMail Pro into cPanel (learn more).
Plesk It's also easy to integrate WebMail Pro into Plesk (how to).
DirectAdmin Automated installer is available for DirectAdmin as well (learn more).

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  • Plug it into your environment with integration API which supports PHP and SOAP.
  • Installs and integrates with cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin.

Extensive localization support

More than 30 interface languages are supported. Timezones, date and time formats.

Support and Maintenance

Our software engineers are here to you help every step of the way, including deployment in your environment, integration with your infrastructure, customization and performance tuning. Every license comes with one year of standard helpdesk support and maintenance.

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