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For hosting providers

You can easily install WebMail Pro on Plesk Panel server as a fast and neat replacement or alternative to the built-in webmail client.

The recommended option is to configure access to WebMail Pro installation using virtual domain. If you follow this path, each customer will be able to access the installation via subdomain of their own domain ( To learn more, refer to Configure alias for WebMail Pro installed on Plesk Panel server.

Alternately, you can install WebMail Pro to some main domain ( All your clients will be able to check their Plesk e-mail accounts using a single instance of WebMail Pro (somewhat like or To learn more, refer to How to install WebMail Pro on Plesk Panel server.

And yes, regardless of the option you choose, "Change password" option is supported :-)

For hosting clients

If your hosting provider has installed WebMail Pro on its server (for example,, navigate to that URL and enter your e-mail address and password to check your Plesk e-mail account. Depending on the configuration your hosting provider selected for WebMail Pro installation, you might also be able to access it via your own domain (

When logged in the webmail interface, you can also change your Plesk e-mail account password in Settings area.

Advanced options

The hosting provider can also make WebMail Pro available as an installable application so that its hosting clients would be able to install their own instances of WebMail Pro from the Application Vault repository.

Normally, all hosting clients will use the same shared instance of WebMail Pro which is installed on the main domain of the hosting provider and administered by its staff. However, if certain hosting client needs their own copy of WebMail Pro (for the purposes of customization, integrating into other applications, advanced settings and so on), the one can easily get their own copy by installing WebMail Pro from the Application Vault.

In this advanced case, the hosting provider can make additional revenue by reselling WebMail Pro application for those of its clients which demand more than just the ability to check their Plesk e-mail account with WebMail Pro interface.

However, if your advanced customers just need to check their external e-mail accounts with WebMail Pro, no need to install a separate instance (although it's up to you to decide). WebMail Pro can be configured to allow end-users to add external POP3 and IMAP accounts, you can even set it up so that only some clients would have this feature enabled for their end-users.

Configure alias for WebMail Pro installed on Plesk Panel server

Update on Plesk Panel v11:
This method doesn't seem to work for current version of Plesk Panel. We'll update this page if we find a working solution.

Create virtual domain

In main domain, open "WebSites & Domains" tab and click "Add New Domain". Enter fictional value for Domain Name: afterlogic.webmail.local.

Choose host type "Website hosting" and click ОК.

Install WebMail into virtual domain

Using the instructions in the next section, install WebMail Pro under this new domain.

NB: In this case, it should be installed in main directory of the domain, not in subdirectory, so the 2nd box of "Installation Path" setting should be empty.

Modify Apache configuration

Create /var/www/vhosts/afterlogic.webmail.local/conf/vhost.conf file and supply the following content for it:

ServerName afterlogic.webmail ServerAlias afterlogic.webmail.* ServerAlias webmail.*

Detailed information on configuring Apache web server is available at:

Apache Configuration Guide
Advanced Administration Guide for Linux

Reconfigure virtual domain

/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/httpdmng --reconfigure-domain afterlogic.webmail.local

Once this is done, accessing or, regardless of what is, would point to AfterLogic WebMail Pro installation.

How to install WebMail Pro on Plesk Panel server

If you're a hosting provider and want to install a single instance of WebMail Pro (the instance which will be used by all your clients to check their Plesk e-mail accounts), follow the instructions below:

Update on Plesk Panel v11:
APS Catalog used in current version already includes packages for WebMail Pro and Lite. Thus, steps 1-5 are not required there.

1. Download Plesk Panel Application of WebMail Pro on your local computer. With the download, you'll also be issued a trial license key. it for later use (unless you already have a permanent key).

2. In Plesk Panel, navigate to "Tools & Utilites" -> "Application Vault" and click "Uploaded Apps".


3. Click "Upload New App", then click Browse and locate file on your local computer.


4. Clear "Available to customers" checkbox unless you want your clients to be able to install their own copies of WebMail Pro on their domains.

5. Click Upload to add WebMail Pro into Application Vault.

The WebMail Pro application should now appear in the list of uploaded apps.


6. Navigate to "Hosting Services" -> "Domains".


7. Select the domain where to install WebMail Pro, and click the "Control Panel" link of that domain.

8. In the Control Panel of the domain, click Applications tab, and select "All Available Applications" option.

9. In "Collaboration, E-mail" section, click "AfterLogic WebMail Pro" link, then click Install to start the installation process.


10. Accept the license agreement terms to proceed.

11. The main screen of the installation process appears. Specify the URL your clients will use to access WebMail Pro, and set "Register as a webmail service" checkbox. Note that if you install to a virtual domain and intend to set up an alias then, specify empty value instead of "/webmail".


12. [OPTIONAL] Click "Show All Settings" link if you want to configure the default login name for Admin Panel access, database name, etc. However, you can leave all these settings in their default state.

13. Specify the password to access Admin Panel of WebMail Pro. The default login name is "mailadm".

14. Confirm the password for "mailadm".

15. Specify WebMail Pro license key. If you do not have one, you can get it from AfterLogic web site.

16. Click Install. The installation process should then complete in a few moments.


17. WebMail Pro is ready for use. Anybody who has an e-mail account on your Plesk Panel server can now check their e-mail at "Installed at" URL.

18. [OPTIONAL] If you wish to fine-tune WebMail Pro (e.g. change the default skin, language, configure log files, and so on), you can click Admin Panel link, log in as "mailadm", and perform any additional configuration of the product. However, this is completely optional.

NOTE: If you didn't clear "Available to customers" checkbox when adding WebMail Pro into Application Vault, your hosting clients will be able to install their own instances of WebMail Pro onto their domains and manage them independently.

Now, if you are installing WebMail Pro on a virtual domain (to make WebMail Pro accessible at "webmail." sub-domain of any of your customers' domains, like, proceed with configuring alias for WebMail Pro access.

Last edit: 2013/2/08

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