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It's easy to translate WebMail interface to any language (let's take Spanish for example):

1. Make sure the text editor you use supports UTF-8 because all text in WebMail Lite language files is in UTF-8 charset. It's very important to use a text editor in UTF-8 mode because otherwise some characters might be displayed incorrectly for those users which have another language set as default system language. You can use standard Windows Notepad because it supports UTF-8.

2. Open webmail\lang\English.php and save this file as [language].php, where [language]=Spanish is for Spanish destination language (e.g. Spanish.php)

3. Translate [language].php to destination language (e.g. translate Spanish.php to Spanish)

We'd be very grateful to you if you provide us with the translation to include it to the original WebMail package among with other translations provided by our customers.

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