MailBee.NET IMAP Component

MailBee.NET IMAP Component

Manage, download, search and process mails and folders on IMAP4 servers
MailBee.NET Objects bundle includes SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Security, AntiSpam, Outlook, Address Validator, PDF components
and also BounceMail, HTML, MIME and ICalVCard components which are a free functionality.
Current version: 10.0
Last update: 22 Oct 2015


Clients Say:

  • “I have found your product really quick and easy to integrate and a far more reasonable price.”

    Shaun Hurley

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MailBee.NET IMAP is a high-performance memory-conservative .NET component for processing mails and folders on IMAP4 servers. The component can do everything the POP3 component does, and much more: download and manage folders, search, flag, upload, move, copy messages, download message envelopes or any specific parts or attributes of messages, etc.

MailBee.NET IMAP downloads messages in a batch, drastically improving performance.

MailBee.NET IMAP bundle includes a set of MIME objects such as MailMessage and Attachment which are used for e-mail parsing.

Visual Studio

Written in 100% managed code, MailBee.NET IMAP only requires the .NET framework be installed on the computer.

MailBee.NET IMAP can be used in any .NET language including C# and VB.NET. Supported .NET frameworks include .NET 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0/4.5/4.6, both 32-bit and 64-bit. Also supports Xamarin Mono, iOS, Android.

You also get these MailBee.NET components for free: BounceMail, HTML, MIME, ICalVCard.

MailBee.NET IMAP Component fully supports:



  • •  HTTP
  • •  SSL/TLS
  • •  SASL
  • •  NTLM
  • •  Kerberos
  • •  SOCKS4/5
  • •  HTTP Proxy


  • •  DomainKeys/DKIM
  • •  S/MIME
  • •  SSL/TLS
  • •  FIPS 104-2
  • •  OAuth
  • •  OAuth2
  • •  OpenID


  • •  MIME/.EML
  • •  .MHT
  • •  XML
  • •  HTML
  • •  vCard
  • •  iCal
  • •  PDF

Servers & Services

  • •  MS Exchange
  • •  Lotus Notes
  • •  GroupWise
  • •  IIS SMTP/POP3
  • •  IMail
  • •  MailEnable
  • •  AxiGen
  • •  SmarterMail
  • •  SurgeMail
  • •  MDaemon
  • •  Kerio
  • •  CommuniGate
  • •  hMailServer
  • •  Qmail
  • •  Courier
  • •  Dovecot
  • •  Cyrus
  • •  Zimbra
  • •  GMail
  • •  Yahoo

...and any POP3/SMTP/IMAP compliant servers


IMAP Object

  • Download entire messages, headers only, envelopes, or anything else which can be returned by IMAP's FETCH command
  • Download and manage folders (international folder names fully supported)
  • Get special folder flags like Sent, Drafts, Trash (if server supports XLIST)
  • Download messages through a proxy server
  • Get already downloaded messages/envelopes if the entire operation failed in the middle
  • Supports secure TLS/SSL connections out-of-box (supports Gmail, etc)
  • Async/await methods
  • Upload a message in a folder
  • Copy messages between folders
  • UNIQUE Move messages between folders
  • UNIQUE Obtain UID of uploaded/copied/moved messages if the server supports UIDPLUS
  • Delete messages
  • Examine and set message flags
  • Expunge (i.e. purge) deleted messages
  • UNIQUE Expunge specific deleted messages
  • Search messages
  • Search and sort messages if IMAP SORT is supported by the server
  • IDLE mode to get notifications from the server on mailbox status change
  • Secure authentication (CRAM-MD5, DIGEST-MD5, NTLM, Kerberos)
  • UNIQUE Windows Integrated Authentication (authenticate using the current Windows user credentials)
  • User-defined authentication methods
  • UNIQUE Get account quota and used space size if the server supports QUOTA
  • Automatic detection and use of IMAP capabilities
  • UNIQUE Faster upload if the server supports LITERAL+
  • UNIQUE Can tolerate incorrectly formatted responses from the server (keeping the application informed if this happens)
  • Provides methods for converting IMAP strings, dates, international folder names, etc
  • Logging IMAP session into a file or memory
  • Returns e-mails as MailMessage objects which can be interchanged with other objects (Smtp, etc)
  • Can check DomainKeys/DKIM signatures of e-mails (using SMTP component)
  • Parses bounced e-mails and delivery notifications
  • Send user-defined commands to the server
  • Rich set of events and asynchronous processing options
  • Can be placed on the form or created in the code

Imap Object reference...

MailMessage Object

  • Import and export from/into System.Net.Mail.MailMessage
  • Used by Smtp object as outgoing e-mail
  • Returned by Pop3 and Imap objects as incoming e-mail
  • Multiple recipients (To/CC/BCC)
  • Multiple attachments
  • Advanced mail merge
  • Can be encrypted, signed, decrypted, or verified with Smime object
  • Easy access to plain-text and HTML body
  • Full support of international encodings and charsets
  • Can extract attachments from MS-TNEF (winmail.dat) files
  • Access to every MIME part
  • Access to all message headers
  • Access to message timestamps ("Received:" headers)
  • UNIQUEConversion from HTML to plain-text and vice versa including high-lighting of URIs, images, quotations, etc
  • UNIQUEFull support of creating and displaying HTML messages with embedded pictures in desktop and web applications
  • UNIQUEAccess forwarded messages (GetEncapsulatedMessage)
  • Forward message as attachment
  • Import HTML file or web page into e-mail
  • Import & export message data from/into memory, file and stream
  • Serialize into XML and deserialize from XML
  • Base64 and Quoted-Printable
  • Confirm Read & Confirm Receipt
  • Reply-To, Priority, Importance, Sensitivity, etc

MailMessage Object reference...

What's new

Version 10.0
  • Async/await methods.
  • Xamarin Mono, Android, iOS support.
  • .NET 4.5 optimized edition.
  • TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 support.
  • Bounce database in memory (instead of a set of XML files).
  • Improved I/O performance with increased TCP buffers.
  • Tested with Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015, .NET Framework 4.6.
  • See Version History for details

Version 9.0
  • Improved OAuth 2.0 support.
  • FIPS 104-2 compatibility enforcement.
  • Imap.SetSeenForEntireMessages property to control how SEEN flag is set.
  • Autodetection of SSL settings for and (in addition to gmail, yahoo, etc).
  • IMAP MOVE extension support.
  • IMAP CHILDREN support.
  • IMAP SPECIAL-USE support.
  • TnefParser class to parse standalone winmail.dat files.
  • SASL PLAIN login authentication method tolerates the response which cannot be decoded.
  • AuthenticationOptions.BypassLoginProcedure option for custom non-SASL logins.
  • E-mail parser supports CR line endings (in addition to CRLF and LF endings).
  • Global.FixBadDates property to allow invalid Date values in e-mails.
  • DKIM RSA certificate parsing fix.
  • Bounce parser bugfixes and new bounce formats.
  • E-mail parser fixes to workaround misc. violations of MIME standard by improperly written composers (unclosed quote characters, etc).
  • MailBee.Html processor fix.
  • TNEF parsing fixes.
  • Log files include SSL handshakes.
  • NuGet support.
  • Authenticode digital signature for MailBee.NET assembly and the installer.
  • New OAuth 2.0 enabled ASP.NET MVC, desktop and console samples.
  • Refactored documentation (including new theme).
  • New tutorials for OAuth 2.0 development in web and Windows apps.