MailBee.NET Objects

MailBee.NET Objects

Bring e-mail support to your .NET applications in a few lines of code
MailBee.NET Objects bundle includes SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Security, AntiSpam, Outlook, Address Validator, PDF components
and also BounceMail, HTML, MIME and ICalVCard components which are a free functionality.
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  • “Your MailBee.NET are truly awesome and that is so rare...”

    Jim Varnado

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The component can be used by a single developer. Perpetual license, royalty-free distribution. You obtain one year of free standard support and updates.

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(includes SMTP, POP3, IMAP, Security, AddressValidator, Outlook, PDF, and AntiSpam components)
(includes SMTP, POP3, Security and Outlook components)
(includes SMTP, IMAP, Security and Outlook components)
To purchase the source code (from $1199) or upgrade your license, please contact us.
2nd year of free upgrades and standard support over HelpDesk.
Entitles you to high-priority helpdesk and e-mail support and extended trouble-shooting assistance for 1 year.
If combined with "2nd year maintenance", Extended Support for 2nd year is free. Read more
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